Melvin Vos, known as DJ Mystery Vibes, is 23 years old and born in Haarlem. His passion for music started in 2018 and still doing it with lots of joy! He gained experience at various locations in the Netherlands. Club Stalker, Baja Beach Bar, Patronaat, June, and many more beautiful locations. 

Mixed Feelings

The track is based on a normal evening party. You are happy, but pretend to be someone else, so you don't feel good and become yourself again. After that it goes better and everything falls into place. The main message is: "Be yourself 
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The track is based on a Beach Day with friends. In the clip you will see the Dutch Beach at Bloemendaal / Zandvoort 

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the track secrets is based on the corona pandemic. there are still many questions that remain unanswered, and there is still a core of unrest. I believe if we are honest with each other and some things are told there would be much more peace and understanding. don't forget to take care of each other and help each other in difficult times! I'll see you soon!

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